Hi! I am Kimberly

Welcome to my journey to leading a simplistic life!

I’ve been living with a traumatic brain injury and battling Lyme disease for over two decades.  After all my medical doctors are left not knowing what else to do for me, I’ve started on a more holistic and functional journey to regain my health. I’m learning about nutrition of days-gone-by, herbal remedies and more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What made you decide to simplify your life and healthcare?

When traditional medications and doctors reached their capacity to help me, I turned to a more holistic lifestyle & healthcare. The herbal remedies I’m learning about have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There’s a reason for that.

2. What helps you to stay positive, despite being in constant pain?

I’ve had to give up everything in terms of career goals, and that was beyond difficult. Today, my animals are my saving grace. They keep me going, and give me a purpose outside of my pain. I also like to share my story via motivational speaking. Helping others is the best way to utilize my challenges in a positive way!

3. What will you do if you get healed?

When I get healed, I will expand my ministries to help others! I have a detailed plan of the ministry I would love  to build. I just need the right time/situation to make that happen. 

4. Are you a believer of God?

Absolutely! God’s promises via His Word are key components to providing me with a strong faith and desire to honor Him in all I do.  


Have a story of simplicity to share? ShesSimplyStartingOver@gmail.com 

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