A country gal living simply

This is my journey to living a simple life…

I’m learning about and implementing functional, holistic and old-fashioned approaches to my health and my life. Won’t you join me?

My story of Failing health…

My health started declining in 1998. I’d been diagnosed with Lyme disease, but on July 2, 1998, a traumatic brain injury was added to the mix.

I went to doctors, specialists, “famous” practitioners, for years, but none could make me better. Sure, they covered up symptoms best they could, but there was no true healing.

It wasn’t long ago, when my doctor told me, “Your health exceeds what we, as a medical community can do for you.” Stunning words, for sure, but it activated me to look into alternative solutions.

And so, this is my journey to find that lifestyle change that will make me better. I’m learning about holistic healthcare, eating more naturally, and overall, living more simply.

I live on a small farm in Colorado and plan to blog about my daily life as a country gal starting over…simply. Won’t you join me?

I thank you for checking out my site! I’m doing a full site make-over, so please excuse the mess and check back soon!


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